aoine o'muircheartaigh (greeneyedvixen) wrote in redheadrants,
aoine o'muircheartaigh

i need to rant

I'm a redhead and I need to rant cuz I added some friends and one of them commented nice stuff at my journal and then he turned around and laughed at me in his cuz he thinks i'm somebody else and that's MEAN.

I'm f/20/irl and I work in a take-away (was Chinese but he's thinking of going fish and chips for the tourists) and I might work in the states again this summer anyway. I like dark nights and starry skies and the quiet of the rain and old American tv shows in black and white.

I just want some friends because i want to write more here but it's like nobodys reading anyway and sometimes i have so much to say, you know? Please add me and I promise I won't comment much or anything.
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