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redhead rants
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a place for redheaded or plus sized goddesses to rant!!!

Some rules: (okay...I *know* rules suck but they are necessary!!)...

you must be open-minded about the concept of large, curvy women...or be one yourself!

you must be a redhead (natural or otherwise...not a problem!) or a "redhead at heart" (have that firey red personality and/or can appreciate it)...anyone can join so long as they can appreciate this!

also please...you must be friendly to the concept of women being equal to men. Sexual preference is not an issue here...you are all welcome! No *explicit* sexual content, please. Men and women are welcome, but this is *not* a forum to pick someone up, okay?

Join us and have fun!! :-)

This community is maintained by harleen...email me if you have any questions!

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