Wide-eyed & Knee Deep in Surprise (alk3gurl) wrote in redheadrants,
Wide-eyed & Knee Deep in Surprise


Hi everyone!

My name is Caryn...I'm a curvy 23 y/o redhead from coastal NC. I'm an accountant...and i'm in grad school gettin my masters in accounting...so I can be a CPA. My interests are punk music, shopping, shoes, pugs, baseball & acc basketball.

It's okay if I join, right? I didn't see any applications or anything..
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Hi, I friended you and I hope that's okay. I havent been to NC yet but it sounds nice since you're near the water and everything. I love pugs and I want to be a writer someday but you'd never know it I'm sure.
Nah... no applications and not many people update here nowadays...but you're more than welcome to whenever you would like. Welcome. :o)